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Requisitions & Reimbursements: If you need anything purchased, use this form to request it: Use the same form to request a reimbursement. You will upload your receipt into the phone.

Digital Products & Accounts: For a list of digital products and content click here.



Schedule a time to come to the library with your class the first week or two of school. Ana will present an orientation.

Protocols for Students

  1. Now that the library is in order by author and AR Book Level, we need to get students into a routine of using bookmarkers as a placeholder when browsing books in the library then returning the bookmarkers before they leave (bookmarkers will be provided in the library); if they are browsing and can’t remember where the book goes, or change theirmind about a book, they can drop it in the Check-In Drop Box and I will put it back.

  2. After morning library time, students may place books in the Check-In Drop Box ONLY with teacher permission as there will be no one in there to help them. Or they can wait until the next morning.

  3. If classes are in the library for other reasons, the books are not to be browsed or moved.

  4. No food or drinks allowed at all, even closed containers.

School Expectations for Student Behavior

Click the document below to see the full thing.

Student Behavior SY23