District of Choice

District of Choice Application

Student Selection Procedure:

The Magnolia Union Elementary School District operates as a California “District of Choice” per California Education Code 48300 – 48316 The following district regulations will apply for nondistrict resident students attending Magnolia Union Elementary:

• The district will accept students as long as ‘space’ is available.

• Parents must complete and submit the “District of Choice” Application by January 1st before the preceding school year they wish to enroll their child.

• Parents will be notified of acceptance/denial by February 15th of the preceding school year their child may be enrolled.

• The district will accept students without regard to race, ethnicity, or gender.

• The district may load up to a maximum of 15 students per grade.

• Priority will be given to students as follows:

1. Students that are siblings of current students attending Magnolia.

2. Students qualifying for free and reduced meals.

3. Students of active duty military personnel.

Should there be more applicants for a grade than space available, selection will be determined by lot.